Today, the early access for Dynamics 365 Release Wave 2 2021 is available.

If you want to enable these features and have a first look at these, you should either use a dedicated environment for this purpose in your tenant or create a new trial at

Note: I strongly recommend following the Microsoft recommendations and not to use any of your regular environments that you are using either as your development, testing or production environment. If you want to test if your customizations will work with the new features, then one possibility could be to create a new sandbox environment as a copy of your current production environment

To activate the early access in an environment, you will need to open the Power Platform Admin Center that you can easily access by following the Microsoft Short Code

Inside the Power Platform Admin Center select the menu item Environments and in the list of the Environments either select the previously created Trial environment or the dedicated sandbox environment that you can use for this early testing purpose. I just named my dedicated sandbox environment Wave 2 😉

After opening the details of the environment, the update dialog announcing the new available Wave 2 release is visible in the center of the screen. If the Update has not been activated yet, the status shown is Off

To activate the update, please click on Manage in the top right of the Update window. Then a Quick Menu on the right side of the screen will appear showing a warning, that all available updates will start at once for all apps that you have licensed, and that you cannot undo the update once activated.

As this decision cannot be undone, you will be prompted twice to activate the early access. When you click on Update now a pop-up dialog will appear where you are prompted to confirm the update.

Note: If you are not sure, you can still click on cancel on this dialog.

When you have confirmed the update in the previous step, the dialog box will close automatically, and you will see the status Activating first …

… and after about a minute the status will change then to Updating, showing all components that are affected based on your current license, e.g., two components when you have Sales and Customer Service

… or three components, when you have also installed Field Service.

The update process will take some time (for my environment it lasts about three hours) and during the update process the progress will be shown in the environment settings as well. I had to refresh the page to see this update on the components. Microsoft is also pointing out, that during the update process the performance of the environment may be low.

After the update has been successfully completed, …

… I have opened the Resources menu at the top and selected the Dynamics 365 apps item, …

… to check if there are any recent updates available that I can install before I will have a first look in the environment.

I did not check the Dynamics 365 apps prior to the update, so maybe they had been available before, but nevertheless I started the update process for these features as well.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the new feature available in Wave 2 in the upcoming posts.

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